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Falling apart at the seams every damn day


Josh went to the snow on Wednesday night, I saw him just before he left, but still I spent last night sleepless and missing him.

I can easily go a week without seeing josh normally, but when he’s far away instead of a suburb over its different.

I guess part of it is knowing when he’s out and about doing his own life I won’t hear from him at all. And I guess it’s also the fact that if I need him there’s nothing I can do about it.

I wish I wasn’t so desperately attached to this man, but he is the most important thing in my life. I love him.

Coke is great, I talked a lot and had a fantastic time and actually made friends and everything was rad and cool

10/10 would relive last night

I just realised how down and complainy my tumblr is, so this post is to remiss me of all the awesome good stuff happening lately

I have an amazing friendship with Jesse, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who I’ve clocked with this well And still managed to be totally 100% myself

Speaking of, I have a personality now much more than I ever have! I no longer feel the need to mimic every person who I like

Me and josh are still in a weird place, but it’s the most wonderful kind of weird.. I think I kind of love him (which is scary and exciting)

And I finally got a job after months and months of looking! And I think I’m going to like it there, good pay, good hours, minimal time spent dealing with people, and I can finally do whatever I like to my appearance without worry

Plus the money thing means I can do the tattoo thing and the weekend thing and all the other good things

I’m in a pretty sweet place right now :)

I wish I wasn’t so hopelessly loving this half relationship thing I have going on with josh, because it’s so beautiful and perfect and I’m so scared if losing it